What is Facilitation

The E.U.P. Community Dispute Resolution Center (CDRC) provides trained facilitators for meetings upon request. Like mediators, facilitators are neutral — they do not make decisions for the group or for the meeting participants. They guide the process by supporting all participants to do their best thinking, by keeping the group focused and by helping all to move toward the group’s goal(s).

Facilitation’s are provided for Special Education Individualized Education Plans (IEP) meetings when requested by any party of the meeting, and both the child’s home decision-maker and the school decision-maker are accepting of a neutral facilitator’s presence. Facilitators for IEP meetings must be currently on the Roster of Approved Mediators for the Michigan Special Education Mediation Program (MSEMP). These facilitations are provided at no cost to the participants. The center is compensated via an agreement with the MSEMP and the Michigan Department of Education.

Any group with a potentially difficult meeting can transform that meeting into an easier event by requesting a facilitator or team of facilitators. In addition to the five facilitators trained via the MSEMP, the Center has several volunteers and staff with other strategic planning and facilitation training and experience.